58-11-25. Deposits by foreign assessment companies or orders.

Each foreign insurance company, association, order, or fraternal benefit society doing business in this State on the assessment plan shall keep at all times deposited with the Commissioner or in its head office in this State, or in some responsible banking or trust company, one regular assessment sufficient to pay the average loss or losses occurring among its members in this State during the time allowed by it for the collection of assessments and payment of losses. It shall notify the Commissioner of the place of deposit and furnish him at all times such information as he requires in regard thereto; and no such company, association, order, or fraternal benefit society shall be licensed by the Commissioner unless it makes and maintains with him for the protection of its obligations at least five thousand dollars ($5,000) in United States or North Carolina bonds, in farm loan bonds issued by federal land banks, or in the bonds of some county, city, or town in North Carolina to be approved by the Commissioner, or a good and sufficient bond or note, secured by deed of trust on real estate situate in North Carolina, and approved by the Commissioner. (1899, c. 54, s. 84; 1903, c. 438, s. 9; Rev., s. 4713; 1913, c. 119, ss. 2, 3; 1917, c. 191, s. 2; C.S., s. 6361; 1945, c. 386; 1991, c. 720, s. 4.)