58-10-620. Dividends.

(a) No SPFC shall declare or pay dividends in any form to its owners other than in accordance with the insurance securitization transaction agreements, and in no extent shall the dividends decrease the capital of the SPFC below two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000). After giving effect to the dividends, the assets of the SPFC, including assets held in trust pursuant to the terms of the insurance securitization, shall be sufficient to satisfy the Commissioner that the SPFC can meet its obligations. Approval by the Commissioner of an ongoing plan for the payment of dividends or other distribution by an SPFC must be conditioned upon the retention at the time of each payment of capital or surplus equal to or in excess of amounts specified by or determined in accordance with formulas approved for the SPFC by the Commissioner.

(b) The dividends may be declared by the management of the SPFC if the dividends do not violate this Part or jeopardize the fulfillment of the obligations of the SPFC or the trustee pursuant to the SPFC insurance securitization agreements, the SPFC contract, or any related transaction and other provisions of this Part. (2013-116, s. 1.)