58-10-580. Authorized activities.

(a) An SPFC shall only insure the risks of a counterparty.

(b) No SPFC shall issue a contract for assumption of risk or indemnification of loss other than an SPFC contract. However, the SPFC may cede risks assumed through an SPFC contract to third-party reinsurers through the purchase of reinsurance or retrocession protection on terms approved by the Commissioner.

(c) An SPFC may enter into contracts and conduct other commercial activities related or incidental to and necessary to fulfill the purposes of the SPFC contract, insurance securitization, and this Part. Those activities may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Entering into SPFC contracts.

(2) Issuing SPFC securities in accordance with applicable securities law.

(3) Complying with the terms of such contracts or securities.

(4) Entering into trust, guaranteed investment contract, letter of credit, swap, tax, administration, reimbursement, or fiscal agent transactions.

(5) Complying with trust indenture, reinsurance, or retrocession, and agreements necessary or incidental to effectuate an insurance securitization in compliance with this Part or the plan of operation approved by the Commissioner.

(d) An SPFC shall do all of the following:

(1) Discount its reserves at discount rates as approved by the Commissioner.

(2) Maintain reserves that are actuarially sufficient to support the liabilities incurred by an SPFC in reinsuring life insurance policies.

(3) File annually with the Commissioner an actuarial opinion on reserves provided by an approved independent actuary. (2013-116, s. 1.)