58-10-347. Provisional approval for a license.

(a) At the Commissioner's discretion, provisional approval for a license may be granted to an applicant business entity for a period not to exceed 90 days.

(b) An applicant business entity may petition the Commissioner to extend the provisional time provided the petition is received in writing not less than 10 days before expiration of the provisional time and provides sufficient detail to permit the Commissioner to make an informed decision.

(c) Extensions may be granted by the Commissioner for 30-day periods upon a showing by the applicant business entity of the reasons for requesting an extension and a determination by the Commissioner of good cause for the extension.

(d) As a condition precedent to provisionally approving a license under this section, the applicant business entity shall have filed an application required by this Part and the Commissioner shall have made a preliminary finding that the expertise, experience, and character of the person or persons who will control and manage the applicant business entity are acceptable.

(e) The Commissioner may limit the authority of any provisional licensee in any way deemed necessary.

(f) The Commissioner may rescind the provisional approval at any time if the Commissioner determines that the interests of insureds or the public are at risk.

(g) If the applicant business entity fails to complete the license application process, the provisional approval shall terminate automatically. (2016-78, s. 4.1(c).)