Article 6.


57D-6-01. Dissolution.

An LLC is dissolved upon the occurrence of any of the following:

(1) An event causing the LLC to dissolve under the operating agreement.

(2) If the LLC never had a member, as approved by the organizers under G.S. 57D-2-20(c).

(3) If the LLC ever had a member, the 90th day after the day on which the LLC ceases to have any members, unless within that 90-day period one or more persons are admitted as a member or members by the person, including the former member, owning or otherwise controlling the ownership interest of the last member.

(4) Entry of a decree of judicial dissolution under G.S. 57D-6-05.

(5) Subject to G.S. 57D-6-06(c), the filing by the Secretary of State of a certificate of dissolution under G.S. 57D-6-06. (2013-157, s. 2.)