Part 2. Formation; Articles of Organization; Amendment of Articles; Annual Report.

57D-2-20. Formation.

(a) One or more persons may cause an LLC to be formed by delivering executed articles of organization to the Secretary of State for filing in accordance with this Chapter and Chapter 55D of the General Statutes. An LLC may also be formed through the conversion of another eligible entity into an LLC pursuant to Part 2 of Article 9 of this Chapter.

(b) An LLC is formed at the time the articles of organization filed by the Secretary of State become effective. Filing of the articles of organization by the Secretary of State is conclusive proof that all conditions to the formation of the LLC have been satisfied except in a proceeding by the State to cancel or revoke the articles of organization or involuntarily dissolve the LLC.

(c) If initial members are not identified in the articles of organization of an LLC in the manner provided in G.S. 57D-3-01(a)(1), the organizer or organizers shall either identify the initial members of the LLC or dissolve the LLC. Unless otherwise provided in the articles of organization, all decisions to be made by the organizers require the approval of a majority of the organizers. (2013-157, s. 2.)