§ 57D-1-22.  Filing, service, and copying fees.

(a)        The Secretary of State shall collect the following fees when the documents described in this subsection are delivered to the Secretary of State for filing:

Document                                                                                       Fee

(1)   Articles of organization                                                                                       $125.00

(2)   Application for reserved name                                                                                10.00

(3)   Notice of transfer of reserved name                                                                        10.00

(4)   Application for registered name                                                                              10.00

(5)   Application for renewal of registered name                                                            10.00

(6)   Limited liability company's statement of change of registered agent or                   5.00

registered office or both                                                                                                   

(7)   Agent's statement of change of registered office for each affected                           5.00

limited liability company

(8)   Agent's statement of resignation                                                                            No fee

(9)   Designation of registered agent or registered office or both                                     5.00

(10) Amendment of articles of organization                                                                   50.00

(11) Restated articles of organization without amendment of articles                            10.00

(12) Restated articles of organization with amendment of articles                                 50.00

(13) Articles of conversion (other than articles of conversion included as                    50.00

part of another document)

(14) Articles of merger                                                                                                    50.00

(15) Articles of dissolution                                                                                              30.00

(16) Cancellation of articles of dissolution                                                                     10.00

(17) Certificate of administrative dissolution                                                               No fee

(18) Application for reinstatement following administrative dissolution                     100.00

(19) Certificate of reinstatement                                                                                   No fee

(20) Certificate of judicial dissolution                                                                          No fee

(21) Application for certificate of authority                                                                  250.00

(22) Application for amended certificate of authority                                                    50.00

(23) Application for certificate of withdrawal                                                                10.00

(24) Certificate of revocation of authority to transact business                                    No fee

(25) Articles of correction                                                                                               10.00

(26) Application for certificate of existence or authorization (paper)                            15.00

(27) Application for certificate of existence or authorization (electronic)                     10.00

(28) Annual report                                                                                                         200.00

(29) Any other document required or permitted to be filed by this Chapter                  10.00

(b)        The Secretary of State shall collect a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) each time process is served on the Secretary of State under this Chapter. The party to a proceeding causing service of process is entitled to recover this fee as costs if the party prevails in the proceeding.

(c)        The Secretary of State shall collect the following fees for copying and certifying a copy of any filed document relating to a limited liability company:

(1)        One dollar ($1.00) a page for copying.

(2)        Fifteen dollars ($15.00) for a paper certificate.

(3)        Ten dollars ($10.00) for an electronic certificate.  (2013-157, s. 2.)