54B-270. Special conditions.

(a) The Commissioner of Banks may require an out-of-state association to designate one of its branches in North Carolina as a "headquarters branch" and may, by rule, require that reports, books, and records required of associations doing business under this Article be available at the designated headquarters branch.

(b) Once an out-of-state association has established at least one branch in North Carolina pursuant to this Article, subsequent applications to establish additional branches shall be considered on the same basis as an application of a State association to establish an additional branch pursuant to G.S. 54B-22.

(c) If an out-of-state association establishes a branch or branches by merger with or purchase from an association located in this State, and the out-of-state association and the association located in this State are both owned by the same holding company, any conditions, limitations, or restrictions placed on the holding company, pursuant to Articles 3A and 13 of this Chapter, shall continue to apply to both the acquiring out-of-state association and its holding company. (1993, c. 191, s. 2; 2001-193, s. 16.)