54B-106. Annual meetings; notice required.

(a) Each association shall hold an annual meeting of its members or stockholders. The annual meeting shall be held at a time and place as shall be provided in the bylaws or determined by the board of directors.

(b) The board of directors of a mutual association shall cause to be published once a week for two weeks preceding such meeting, in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county where such association has its principal office, a notice of the meeting, signed by the association's secretary, and stating the time and place where it is to be held. In addition to the foregoing notice, each association shall disseminate additional notice of any annual meeting by notice made available to all members entering the premises of any office or branch of the association in the regular course of business by posting therein, in full view of the public and such members, one or more conspicuous signs or placards announcing the pending meeting, the time, date and place of the meeting and the availability of additional information. Printed matter shall be freely available to said members containing any information as may be prescribed in rules and regulations issued by the Commissioner of Banks. Such additional notice shall be given at any time within the period of 60 days prior to and 14 days prior to the meeting and shall continue through the time of the meeting.

(c) The board of directors of a stock association shall cause a written or printed notice signed by the association's secretary, and stating the time and place of the annual meeting to be delivered not less than 10 days nor more than 50 days before the date of the meeting, either personally or by mail to each stockholder of record entitled to vote at the meeting. If mailed, such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the United States postal service addressed to the stockholder at his address as it appears on the record of stockholders of the corporation, with postage thereon prepaid. (1981, c. 282, s. 3; 2001-193, s. 16.)