53C-4-3. Committees of boards of directors.

(a) The board of directors shall appoint, at a minimum, an audit committee, an executive committee, and a loan committee (which may be the executive committee or the board of directors as a whole) and may appoint such other committees as it deems appropriate to provide for the safe and sound operation of the bank in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

(b) The Commissioner may require the board of directors of a bank to establish one or more additional committees if, in the judgment of the Commissioner, such committees are reasonably necessary or appropriate for good corporate governance, for the safe and sound operation of the bank, or to ensure the bank's compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In the exercise of his or her judgment under this subsection, the Commissioner may consider, among other factors, the asset size of the bank, the range and complexity of the activities in which the bank is engaged, the various risks undertaken by the bank, the experience and abilities of the bank's directors and officers, and the adequacy of the bank's existing policies, procedures, and internal controls. (2012-56, s. 4.)