53C-3-5. Notice; public hearing.

(a) Not less than 30 days before the public hearing of the Commission to review the Commissioner's approval of an application, the applicant shall cause to be published a public notice containing the following:

(1) A statement that the application has been filed with the Commissioner.

(2) The name of the community where the proposed bank intends to locate its principal office.

(3) A statement that a public hearing will be held to review the Commissioner's approval of the application.

(4) A statement that any interested person may file a written statement either favoring or protesting the chartering of the proposed bank. The statement shall note that, in order to be considered at the public hearing, all written statements from interested persons must be filed with the Commission within 30 days of the date of publication of the public notice.

(b) At the public hearing, the Commission shall consider the findings and order of the Commissioner and shall hear such testimony as the Commissioner may wish to give or be called upon to give. To the extent that the Commission deems the information and testimony relevant to its review of the Commissioner's order, the Commission shall receive information and hear testimony from the organizers and shall hear from any other interested persons. (2012-56, s. 4.)