Article 2.

Commission and Commissioner.

53C-2-1. The Commission.

(a) The Commission consists of 15 members, including the State Treasurer, who shall serve as an ex officio member; 12 members appointed by the Governor; and two members appointed by the General Assembly under G.S. 120-121, one of whom shall be appointed upon the recommendation of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and one of whom shall be appointed upon the recommendation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Governor shall appoint to the Commission three practical bankers, one consumer finance licensee, one member who is, or is employed by a person that is, licensed under Article 19B of Chapter 53 of the General Statutes, and seven public members. The member appointed upon the recommendation of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall be a practical banker, and the member appointed upon the recommendation of the Speaker of the House shall be a practical banker. Members shall serve terms of four years. No individual shall serve more than two complete consecutive terms on the Commission. Any vacancy occurring in the membership of the Commission shall be filled by the appropriate appointing officer for the unexpired term, except that vacancies among members appointed by the General Assembly shall be filled in accordance with G.S. 120-122. The appointed members of the Commission shall receive subsistence and travel expenses at the rates set forth in G.S. 120-3.1. This compensation shall be paid from the revenues of the OCOB.

(b) The Commission shall meet at such times, but not less than once every three months, as the Commission may by resolution prescribe, and the Commission shall be convened in special session at the call of the Governor or the Commissioner. The State Treasurer shall be chair of the Commission. The Commission shall meet in person, provided that it may, so long as consistent with applicable law regarding public meetings, meet by telephone or video conference, including attendance of one or more members by telephone or video conferencing.

(c) Except as required by State or federal law, no member of the Commission shall divulge or make use of any information designated by this Chapter or by the Commissioner as confidential, and no member shall give out any such information unless the information shall be required of the member at a hearing at which the member is duly subpoenaed or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

(d) A quorum of the Commission shall consist of a majority of its total membership. Subject to the standards of Chapter 138A of the General Statutes, a majority vote of the members qualified with respect to a matter who are present at the meeting where such matter is considered shall constitute valid action of the Commission. In accordance with G.S. 138A-38(a)(6), the State Treasurer and all disqualified members who are present at a meeting shall be counted for purposes of determining whether a quorum is present.

(e) The Commission is authorized to supervise, direct, and review the exercise by the Commissioner of all powers, duties, and functions vested in or exercised by the Commissioner under the banking laws of this State. (2012-56, s. 4; 2013-29, s. 2; 2017-6, s. 3; 2018-146, ss. 3.1(a), (b), 6.1; 2019-173, s. 3(a).)