§ 47-61.  Order of registration by interested clerk.

The probate and registration of all deeds, mortgages and other instruments requiring registration prior to the fifteenth day of January, 1935, to which the clerks of the superior courts are parties, or in which they have an interest, and which have been registered on the order of such clerks or their deputies, or by assistant clerks of  the superior courts, on proof of acknowledgment taken before such clerks, assistant clerks, deputy clerks, justices of the peace or notaries public, be, and the same are declared valid. (1891, c. 102; 1899, c. 258; 1905, c. 427; Rev., s. 1015; 1907, c. 1003, s. 2; Ex. Sess. 1908, c. 105, s. 1; C.S., s. 3343; 1935, c. 235.)