Article 2.


§ 47-17.  Probate and registration sufficient without livery of seizin, etc.

All deeds, contracts or leases, before registration, except those executed prior to January 1, 1870, shall be acknowledged by the  grantor, lessor or the person executing the same, or their signature proven on oath by one or more witnesses in the manner prescribed by law, and all deeds executed and registered according to law shall be valid, and pass title and estates without livery of seizin, attornment or other ceremony. (29, Ch. II, c. 3; 1715, c. 7; 1756, c. 58, s. 3; 1838-9, c. 33; R.C., c. 37, s. 1; Code, s. 1245; 1885, c. 147, s. 3; 1905, c. 277; Rev., s. 979; C.S., s. 3308.)