46A-26. Methods of partition.

In a partition proceeding under this Article, the court shall order one of the following methods of partitioning the real property:

(1) Actual partition under Part 2 of this Article.

(2) Partition sale under Part 3 of this Article so long as the requirements of that Part are satisfied.

(3) Actual partition of part of the property and a partition sale of the remaining part.

(4) Partition of part of the property, whether by actual partition or by partition sale, and order that the remaining part continue to be held in cotenancy. The court, however, shall not order a cotenant to continue to hold property in cotenancy over the cotenant's objection. (1887, c. 214, s. 1; Rev., s. 2506; C.S., s. 3227; 2020-23, ss. 2(r), 3.)