§ 45‑42.  Satisfaction of corporate mortgages by corporate officers.

All security instruments executed to a corporation may be satisfied and so marked of record as by law provided for the satisfaction of security instruments, by any officer of the corporation indicating the office held. For the purposes of recordation and satisfaction, such signature shall be deemed to be a certification by the signer that he is an officer and is authorized to execute the satisfaction on behalf of such corporation. Where security instruments were marked "satisfied" on the records before the twenty‑third day of February, 1909, by any president, secretary, treasurer or cashier of any corporation by such officer writing his own name and affixing thereto the title of his office in such corporation, such satisfaction is validated, and is as effective to all intents and purposes as if a deed of release duly executed by such corporation had been made, acknowledged and recorded. (1909, c. 283, ss. 2, 3; C.S., s. 2597; 1935, c. 271; 1963, c. 193; 1991, c. 647, s. 6; 2005‑123, s. 1.)