§ 45‑21.33.  Final report of sale of real property.

(a) A person who holds a sale of real property pursuant to a power of sale shall file with the clerk of the superior court of the county where the sale is held a final report and account of his receipts and disbursements within 30 days after the receipt of the proceeds of such sale.  Such report shall show whether the property was sold as a whole or in parts and whether all of the property was sold.  The report shall also show whether all or only a part of the obligation was satisfied with respect to which the power of sale of property was exercised.

(b) The clerk shall audit the account and record it.

(c) The person who holds the sale shall also file with the clerk –

(1) A copy of the notices of sale and resale, if any, which were posted, and

(2) A copy of the notices of sale and resale, if any, which were published in a newspaper, together with an affidavit of publication thereof, if the notices were so published;

(3) Proof as required by the clerk, which may be by affidavit, that notices of hearing, sale and resale were served upon all parties entitled thereto under G.S. 45‑21.16, 45‑21.17, 45‑21.17A, and 45‑21.30.  In the absence of an affidavit to the contrary filed with the clerk, an affidavit by the person holding the sale that the notice of sale was posted in the area designated by the clerk of superior court for posting public notices in the county or counties in which the property is situated 20 days prior to the sale shall be proof of compliance with the requirements of G.S. 45‑21.17(1)a.

(d) The clerk's fee for auditing and recording the final account is a part of the expenses of the sale, and the person holding the sale shall pay the clerk's fee as part of such expenses. (1949, c. 720, s. 1; 1975, c. 492, s. 11; 1983, c. 799; 1993, c. 305, s. 21; 1995, c. 509, s. 26.)