§ 45‑105.  Extension of foreclosure process.

The Housing Finance Agency shall review information provided in the database created by G.S. 45‑103 to determine which home loans are appropriate for efforts to avoid foreclosure. If the Housing Finance Agency reasonably believes, based on a full review of the loan information, the mortgage servicer's loss mitigation efforts, the borrower's capacity and interest in staying in the home, and other appropriate factors, that further efforts by the State Home Foreclosure Prevention Project offer a reasonable prospect to avoid foreclosure on primary residences, the Executive Director of the Housing Finance Agency shall have the authority to extend one time under this Article the allowable filing date for any foreclosure proceeding on a primary residence by up to 30 days beyond the earliest filing date established by the pre‑foreclosure notice. If the Executive Director of the Housing Finance Agency makes the determination that a loan is subject to this section, the Housing Finance Agency shall notify the borrower, mortgage servicer, and the Administrative Office of the Courts. (2008‑226, s. 1; 2010‑168, ss. 1, 9; 2011‑288, s. 4; 2012‑79, s. 2.17(d), (g).)