Article 5.

Aircraft Labor and Storage Liens.

44A-50. Definitions.

As used in this Article, the following terms mean:

(1) Aircraft. - As the term is defined in G.S. 63-1(3), or any engine, part, component, or accessory, whether affixed to or separate from the aircraft.

(2) Lienor. - A person entitled to a lien under this Article.

(3) Owner. - As the term is defined in G.S. 44A-1(3) for an aircraft, or any person authorized by an owner, as defined in G.S. 44A-1(3), to perform, contract, or arrange for the provision of labor, skill, materials, or storage with respect to any aircraft.

(4) Person. - Any individual, corporation, association, partnership, whether limited or general, limited liability company, or other entity. (2006-222, s. 1.1.)