44A-24.5. Lien notice; content.

(a) A lien notice under this Part shall be signed by the lien claimant and shall contain an attestation by the lien claimant that the information contained in the notice is true and accurate to the best of the lien claimant's knowledge and belief.

(b) The lien notice shall include all of the following information:

(1) The name of the lien claimant.

(2) The name of the owner.

(3) A description of the commercial real estate upon which the lien is being claimed.

(4) The amount for which the lien is claimed and whether the amount is due in installments.

(5) The claimant's grounds for the lien, including a reference to the written agreement for broker services that is the basis for the lien. (2011-165, s. 1.)