40A-84. Compensation for condemnation.

In any action to condemn property encumbered by a conservation easement, the court shall determine just compensation pursuant to Article 4 of this Chapter or in accordance with Chapter 136 of the General Statutes, as applicable, by first determining the value of the property taken as a whole, unencumbered by the conservation easement, as well as any other, separately owned interest in the property. The court shall allocate the just compensation award between or among any holders of the conservation easement and any owners of the property as provided by the easement agreement or, if the agreement fails to address the issue, as the judge finds equitable based upon evidence to include the opinion of a real estate valuation expert with experience in the valuation of conservation easements. Any party may demand trial by jury on the issue of total just compensation for the taking. (2009-439, s. 1.)