39-8. Acknowledgment at different times and places; before different officers; order immaterial.

In all cases of deeds, or other instruments executed by husband and wife and requiring registration, the probate of such instruments as to the husband and due proof or acknowledgment of the wife may be taken before different officers authorized by law to taken probate of deeds, and at different times and places, whether both of said officials reside in this State or only one in this State and the other in another state or country. And in taking the probate of such instruments executed by husband and wife, it is immaterial whether the execution of the instrument was proven as to or acknowledged by the husband before or after due proof as to or acknowledgment of the wife. (1895, c. 136; 1899, c. 235, s. 9; Rev., s. 953; C.S., s. 998; 1945, c. 73, s. 5.)