35A-1343. Notice to minors and incompetents under 35A-1341 and 35A-1341.1.

If any person, to whom notice must be given under the provisions of G.S. 35A-1341 and G.S. 35A-1341.1 is a minor or is incompetent, or is an unborn or unascertained beneficiary, then the notice shall be given to his duly appointed guardian or other duly appointed representative: Provided, that if a minor, incompetent, unborn, or unascertained beneficiary has no guardian or representative, then a guardian ad litem shall be appointed by the judge and the guardian ad litem shall be given the notice herein required. (1963, c. 112, s. 4; 1987, c. 550, s. 5; 1999-270, s. 8.)