35A-1281. Removal of ward's personalty from State.

(a) For purposes of this section, the term "personal estate" means:

(1) Personal property;

(2) Personal property substituted for realty by decree of court;

(3) Any money arising from the sale of real estate, whether the same be in the hands of any guardian residing in this State; or in the hands of any executor, administrator, or other person holding for the ward; or, if not being adversely held and claimed, not in the lawful possession or control of any person.

(b) Where any ward residing in another state or territory, or in the District of Columbia, or Canada, or other foreign country, is entitled to any personal estate in this State, the ward's guardian or trustee duly appointed at the place where such ward resides, or, in the event no guardian or trustee has been appointed, the court or officer of the court authorized by the laws of such place to receive moneys belonging to any ward when no guardian or trustee has been appointed, may apply to have such estate removed to the residence of the ward by petition filed before the clerk in the county in which the property or some portion thereof is situated. Such petition shall be proceeded with as in other cases of special proceedings.

(c) The petitioner must show to the court a copy of his appointment as a guardian or trustee and bond duly authenticated, and must prove to the court that the bond is sufficient, in the ability of the sureties as well as in amount, to secure all the estate of the ward wherever situated: Provided, that in all cases where a banking institution, resident and doing business in a foreign state, is a guardian or trustee of any person and is not required to execute a bond to qualify as guardian or trustee under the laws of the state in which such guardian or trustee qualified and was appointed, and no sureties are or were required by the state in which said banking institution qualified as guardian or trustee, and this fact affirmatively appears to the court, then the personal estate of the ward may be removed from this State without the finding of a court with reference to any sureties, and the court in which the petition for the removal of the property of the ward is filed may order the transfer and removal of the property of the ward and the payment and delivery of the same to the nonresident guardian or trustee without regard to whether a nonresident guardian or trustee has filed a bond with sureties; and the finding of the court that the said guardian or trustee is a banking institution and has duly qualified and been appointed guardian or trustee under the laws of the state where the ward is resident shall be sufficient. Any person may be made a party defendant to the proceeding who may be made a party defendant in civil actions under the provisions of Chapter 1A of the General Statutes. (1987, c. 550, s. 1.)