35A-1225. Testamentary recommendation; guardian for incompetent minor.

(a) Parents are presumed to know the best interest of their children. Any parent may by last will and testament recommend a guardian for any of his or her minor children, whether born at the parent's death or en ventre sa mere, for such time as the child remains under 18 years of age, unmarried, and unemancipated, or for any less time. Such will may be made without regard to whether the testator is an adult or a minor. If both parents make such recommendations, the will with the latest date shall, in the absence of other relevant factors, prevail. In the absence of a surviving parent, such recommendation shall be a strong guide for the clerk in appointing a guardian, but the clerk is not bound by the recommendation if the clerk finds that a different appointment is in the minor's best interest. If the will specifically so directs, a guardian appointed pursuant to such recommendation may be permitted to qualify and serve without giving bond, unless the clerk finds as a fact that the interest of the minor would be best served by requiring the guardian to give bond.

(b) Any person authorized by law to recommend a guardian for a minor by his last will and testament or other writing may direct that the guardian appointed for his incompetent child shall petition the clerk during the six months before the child reaches majority for an adjudication of incompetence and appointment of a guardian under the provisions of this Chapter. If so directed, the guardian shall timely file such a petition unless the minor is no longer incompetent. Notwithstanding the absence of such provision in a will or other writing, the guardian of an incompetent child, or any other person, may file such petition during the six months before the minor reaches majority or thereafter. (1987, c. 550, s. 1.)