35A-1221. Application before clerk.

Any person or corporation, including any State or local human services agency through its authorized representative, may make application for the appointment of a guardian of the estate for any minor or for the appointment of a guardian of the person or general guardian for any minor who has no natural guardian by filing an application with the clerk. The application shall set forth, to the extent known:

(1) The minor's name, date of birth, address, and county of residence;

(2) The names and address of the minor's parents, if living, and of other persons known to have an interest in the application for appointment of a guardian; the name of and date of death of the minor's deceased parent or parents;

(3) The applicant's name, address, county of residence, relationship if any to the minor, and interest in the proceeding;

(4) If a guardian has been appointed for the minor or custody of the minor has been awarded, a statement of the facts relating thereto and a copy of any guardianship or custody order, if available;

(5) A general statement of the minor's assets and liabilities with an estimate of the value of any property, including any income and receivables to which he is entitled;

(6) A statement of the reason or reasons that the appointment of a guardian is sought; whether the applicant seeks the appointment of a guardian of the person, a guardian of the estate, or a general guardian; and whom the applicant recommends or seeks to have appointed as such guardian or guardians; and

(7) Any other information that will assist the clerk in determining the need for a guardian or in appointing a guardian. (1987, c. 550, s. 1; 1989, c. 473, s. 24; 1997-443, s. 11A.16.)