33B-5. Transfer to custodial trustee by fiduciary or obligor; facility of payment.

(a) A person, including a fiduciary other than a custodial trustee, who holds property of or owes a debt to an incapacitated individual not having a guardian of the estate may make a transfer to an adult member of the beneficiary's family or to a trust company as custodial trustee for the use and benefit of the incapacitated individual. If the value of the property or the debt exceeds twenty thousand dollars ($20,000), the transfer is not effective unless authorized by the court.

(b) A written acknowledgment of delivery, signed by a custodial trustee, is a sufficient receipt and discharge for property transferred to the custodial trustee pursuant to this section.

(c) This section shall not apply when the disposition of the property has been directed by an instrument designating a custodial trustee pursuant to G.S. 33B-3. (1995, c. 486, s. 1.)