§ 28A‑2B‑5.  Confidentiality.

Following the entry of a judgment, a party to the proceeding may move that the contents of the file be sealed and kept confidential, and upon such motion, the clerk shall seal the contents of the file from public inspection. The contents of the file shall not be released except by order of the clerk to any person other than:

(1) The petitioner named in the petition.

(2) The attorney for the petitioner.

(3) Any court of competent jurisdiction hearing or reviewing the matter.

For good cause shown, the court may order the records that are confidential under this section to be made available to a person who is not listed in this section. Following the petitioner's death, a sealed file shall be unsealed upon the request of any interested person for the purpose of probate or other estate proceedings. (2015‑205, s. 2.)