§ 28A‑28‑6.  Spouse's assumption of liabilities.

If the clerk grants the order for summary administration, the spouse shall be deemed to have assumed, to the extent of the value of the property received by the spouse under the will of the decedent or by intestate succession, all liabilities of the decedent that were not discharged by reason of death and liability for all taxes and valid claims against the decedent or the estate. The value of the property is the fair market value of the property on the date of death of the decedent less any liens or encumbrances on the property so received. The spouse may assert any defense, counterclaim, cross‑claim, or setoff which would have been available to the decedent if the decedent had not died except for actions listed in G.S. 28A‑18‑1(b). A spouse shall not be deemed to have assumed any liabilities of the decedent that were discharged by reason of death. (1995, c. 294, s. 1.)