Article 26.

Foreign Personal Representatives and Ancillary Administration.

§ 28A‑26‑1.  Domiciliary and ancillary probate and administration.

The domiciliary, or original, administration of the estates of all decedents domiciled in North Carolina at the time of death shall be under the jurisdiction of this State and of a proper clerk of superior court in this State, and the original probate of all wills of such persons shall be in this State. Any administration of the estate and any probate of a will of such decedents outside North Carolina shall be ancillary only. All assets, except real estate (but including proceeds from the sale of real estate), subject to ancillary administration in a jurisdiction outside North Carolina shall, to the extent such assets are not necessary for the requirements of such ancillary administration, be transferred and delivered by the ancillary personal representative to the duly qualified personal representative in this State for administration and distribution by the domiciliary personal representative, and the domiciliary personal representative in this State shall have the duty of collecting all such assets from the ancillary personal representative. The receipt of the domiciliary personal representative shall fully acquit the ancillary personal representative with respect to the assets covered thereby. The domiciliary personal representative in North Carolina shall have the exclusive right and duty to pay all federal and North Carolina taxes owed by the estate of such decedent and to make proper distribution of all assets including those collected from the ancillary personal representative. (1963, c. 634; 1973, c. 1329, s. 3.)