§ 28A‑21‑3.  What accounts must contain.

Accounts filed with the clerk of superior court pursuant to G.S. 28A‑21‑1, signed and under oath, shall contain:

(1) The period which the account covers and whether it is an annual accounting or a final accounting;

(2) The amount and value of the property of the estate according to the inventory and appraisal or according to the next previous accounting, the amount of income and additional property received during the period being accounted for, and all gains from the sale of any property or otherwise;

(3) All payments, charges, losses, and distributions;

(4) The property on hand constituting the balance of the account, if any; and

(5) Such other facts and information determined by the clerk to  be necessary to an understanding of the account. (1973, c. 1329, s. 3.)