§ 28A‑12‑7.  Procedure after removal from office.

The clerk of superior court shall require of any public administrator who is removed from office pursuant to G.S. 28A‑12‑6 a complete accounting of all of the public administrator's activities as public administrator and for the property remaining under the public administrator's control by reason of the public administrator's appointment under this Article as administrator of any estate that has not been fully administered at the time of the public administrator's removal. If it appears to the clerk of superior court that grounds exist for revocation of letters of administration issued with respect to any such estate, the clerk shall proceed in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of this Chapter. If letters of administration are revoked pursuant to such proceedings, the clerk of superior court shall issue letters of administration to the successor public administrator or to some other person not disqualified under G.S. 28A‑4‑2. (1973, c. 1329, s. 3; 2011‑344, s. 4.)