§ 28A‑11‑3.  Duties and powers of collectors.

(a) Every collector shall:

(1) Take such possession, custody, or control of the personal property of the decedent as in the exercise of reasonable judgment the collector deems necessary to its preservation;

(2) Publish notices to creditors as provided by Article 14 of this Chapter;

(3) Collect claims payable to the estate;

(4) Maintain and defend actions in behalf of the estate;

(5) File inventories, accounts, and other reports in the same manner as is required of personal representatives;

(6) Renew obligations of the decedent in the same manner as the personal representative is allowed to do under the provisions of Article 13 of this Chapter; and

(7) Under the express direction and supervision of the clerk of superior court, possess, exercise and perform all other powers, duties and liabilities given to personal representatives by Article 13 of this Chapter. (R.C., c. 46, s. 6; C.C.P., s. 465; 1868‑9, c. 113, s. 115; Code, s. 1385; Rev., s. 24; C.S., s. 26; 1973, c. 1329, s. 3; 2011‑344, s. 4.)