§ 28A‑10‑2.  Contents of petition; notice.

(a) When a personal representative desires to resign the personal representative's office, the personal representative shall file a verified petition in the office of the clerk of the superior court, setting forth:

(1) The facts relating to the personal representative's appointment and qualifications;

(2) The names and residences of all interested persons known to the personal representative;

(3) A full statement of the reasons why the petitioner should be permitted to resign the petitioner's office; and

(4) A statement that the personal representative has filed with the clerk of superior court the personal representative's accounts and a record of the personal representative's conduct of the office.

(b) Notice of the petition for resignation, together with the date and time of the hearing thereon, shall be served upon all interested persons named in the petition in such manner as the clerk of superior court shall determine. (1973, c. 1329, s. 3; 2011‑344, s. 4.)