§ 24‑4.  Obligations due guardians to bear compound interest; rate of interest.

Guardians shall have power to lend any portion of the estate of their wards upon bond with sufficient security, to be repaid with interest annually, and all the bonds, notes or other obligations which he shall take as guardian shall bear compound interest, for which he must account, and he may assign the same to the ward on settlement with him. On loans made out of the estate of their wards, guardians may lend at any rate of interest not less than four percent  per annum and not more than the maximum lawful rate. This section shall in no way limit or affect the powers of guardians to make other investments which are now or may hereafter be authorized or permitted by the laws, statutory or otherwise, of the State of North Carolina. (1762, c. 69, P.R.; 1816, c. 925, P.R.; R.C., c. 54, s. 23; 1868‑9, c. 201, s. 29; Code, s. 1592; Rev., s. 1953; C.S., s. 2308; 1943, c. 728; 1969, c. 1303, s. 4.)