§ 24‑3.  Time from which interest runs.

Interest is due and payable on instruments, as follows:

(1) All bonds, bills, notes, bills of exchange, liquidated and settled accounts shall bear interest from the time they become due, provided such liquidated and settled accounts be signed by the debtor, unless it is specially expressed that interest is not to accrue until a time mentioned in the said  writings or securities.

(2) All bills, bonds, or notes payable on demand shall be held and deemed to be due when demandable by the creditor, and shall bear interest from the time they are demandable, unless otherwise expressed.

(3) All securities for the payment or delivery of specific articles shall bear interest as moneyed contracts; and the articles shall be rated by the jury at the time they become due.

(4) Bills of exchange drawn or indorsed in the State, and which have been protested, shall carry interest, not from the date thereof, but from the time of payment therein mentioned. (1786, c. 248, P.R.; 1828, c. 2; R.C., c. 13; Code, ss. 44, 45, 46, 47; Rev., s. 1952; C.S., s. 2307.)