23-38. Effect of order of discharge.

The order of discharge under any Article of this Chapter, whether granted upon a nonsuggestion of fraud, upon the finding of a jury in favor of the debtor, or otherwise, shall declare that the debtor shall forever thereafter be exempted from arrest or imprisonment on account of any judgment, or by reason of any debt due at the time of such order, or contracted for before that time though payable afterwards, except that (i) no debt, demand, judgment, or decree against a debtor who is discharged under this Chapter shall be affected or impaired by the discharge, but the same shall remain valid and effective against all of the property of the debtor acquired after discharge and the appointment of a trustee, and the lien or any judgment or decree upon the property of the debtor shall not in any manner be affected by the discharge and (ii) the body of such debtor shall be free from arrest or imprisonment at the suit of every creditor, and as to him only, to whom the notice required may have been given; and the notices, or copies thereof, shall in all cases be filed in the office of the superior court clerk. (1822, c. 1131, s. 4, P.R.; 1835, c. 12; R.C., c. 59, s. 11; 1868-9, c. 162, s. 19; Code, s. 2960; Rev., s. 1929; C.S., s. 1646; 2020-75, s. 3(c).)