20-53.5. Titling and registration of HMMWV.

(a) Registration and Certificate of Title. - The Division shall register and issue a certificate of title for an HMMWV if all of the following conditions are met:

(1) The applicant for the title and registration of the HMMWV has provided to the Division a sworn affidavit from a manufacturer, motor vehicle dealer, or seller of the HMMWV certifying that the vehicle complies with all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards for vehicles designed for highway use.

(2) The vehicle has a vehicle identification number that matches the vehicle ownership documents. If the vehicle does not have a vehicle identification number, the Division shall assign one to the vehicle prior to registration. The existence of a valid vehicle identification number for the vehicle shall be verified by the License and Theft Bureau of the Division prior to its registration and titling.

(b) Applicability of This Chapter. - All provisions of this Chapter shall apply to an HMMWV, including the provisions of Article 3A and Article 9A of this Chapter, to the same extent they would apply to any other registered motor vehicle.

(c) Fees. - The vehicle registration fees applicable to property-hauling vehicles shall apply to the registration of an HMMWV.

(d) No Liability for Operations. - Neither the State nor its commission contract agents shall be liable for any injury or damages resulting from the operation of an HMMWV registered or titled pursuant to this section. (2017-69, s. 2.1(b).)