20-4.03. Administrative hearing fees.

(a) Authorization. - The Division is authorized to charge a fee to any person who requests an administrative hearing before the Division in accordance with this Chapter.

(b) Requirements for Requesting a Hearing. - Any request for an administrative hearing before the Division must be in writing and accompanied by the total applicable administrative hearing fee charged by the Division. An administrative hearing shall not be granted by the Division unless the administrative hearing request complies with the requirements of this subsection. Notwithstanding any provision of this Chapter to the contrary, any pending revocation, suspension, civil penalty assessment, or other adverse action shall not be stayed upon receipt of an administrative hearing request unless the request complies with the requirements of this subsection.

(c) Report. - Beginning October 1, 2018, and quarterly thereafter, the Division shall submit a report to the Fiscal Research Division of the General Assembly detailing all of the following for each month of the applicable quarter and for each type of administrative hearing:

(1) The total number of administrative hearings.

(2) The total amount of revenue collected.

(3) The total number of fee waivers granted.

(4) The counties where the administrative hearings were held.

(5) The average amount of time required to conduct an administrative hearing, with the time required of hearing officers and the time required of administrative personnel listed separately. (2017-57, s. 34.32(b); 2017-197, s. 7.3(a); 2018-5, s. 34.23(d).)