20-24.2. Court to report failure to appear or pay fine, penalty or costs.

(a) The court must report to the Division the name of any person charged with a motor vehicle offense under this Chapter who:

(1) Fails to appear to answer the charge as scheduled, unless within 20 days after the scheduled appearance, he either appears in court to answer the charge or disposes of the charge pursuant to G.S. 7A-146; or

(2) Fails to pay a fine, penalty, or costs within 40 days of the date specified in the court's judgment.

(b) The reporting requirement of this section and the revocation mandated by G.S. 20-24.1 do not apply to offenses in which an order of forfeiture of a cash bond is entered and reported to the Division pursuant to G.S. 20-24. If an order is sent to the Division by the clerk through clerical mistake or other inadvertence, the clerk's office that sent the report of noncompliance must withdraw the report and send notice to the Division which shall correct its records accordingly. (1985, c. 764, s. 3; 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 852, ss. 3, 17; 1987, c. 581, s. 3; 1991, c. 682, s. 5; 2015-247, s. 1(b).)