20-185.1. Trooper training; reimbursement.

(a) Trooper Training Reimbursement. - The training of State Troopers is a substantial investment of State resources that provides individuals with skills that are transferable to other law enforcement opportunities. The State may require an individual to agree in writing to reimburse a portion of the training costs incurred if the individual completes the training and becomes a State Trooper but does not remain a State Trooper for 36 months. The portion of the State's cost to be reimbursed is thirty-six thousand dollars ($36,000), less one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each month an individual served as a State Trooper and member of the State Highway Patrol.

(b) Administration. - The Secretary of Public Safety shall perform all of the administrative functions necessary to implement the reimbursement agreements required by this section, including rule making, disseminating information, implementing contracts, and taking other necessary actions.

(c) Hardships. - No contract shall be enforced under this section if the Secretary finds that it is impossible for the individual to serve as a member of the State Highway Patrol due to death, health-related reasons, or other hardship.

(d) Law Enforcement Agency Requirements. - If a State Trooper separates from the State Highway Patrol before 36 months of service following completion of the training program and the State Trooper is hired within six months of separation from the State Highway Patrol by a municipal law enforcement agency, a Sheriff's office, or a company police agency certified under Chapter 74E of the General Statutes, then that hiring entity is liable to the State in the amount of thirty-six thousand dollars ($36,000), to be paid in full within 90 days of the date the State Trooper is employed by the hiring entity. No hiring entity shall make any arrangement to circumvent any portion of this subsection. (2018-5, s. 35.25(c); 2018-97, s. 8.1(a).)