20-183.5A. When a vehicle that fails a safety inspection because of missing emissions control devices may obtain a waiver.

(a) Requirements. - The Division may issue a waiver for a vehicle that meets all of the following requirements:

(1) Fails a safety inspection because it does not have one or more emissions control devices.

(2) Has documented repairs within the previous calendar year to replace missing emissions control devices costing at least the waiver amount made to the vehicle to correct the cause of the failure. The waiver amount is two hundred dollars ($200.00) if the vehicle is a 1996 or newer model.

(b) Procedure. - To obtain a waiver, a person must contact a local enforcement office of the Division. Before issuing a waiver, an employee of the Division must review the inspection receipts issued for the inspections of the vehicle, review the documents establishing what repairs were made to the vehicle and at what cost, review any statement denying warranty coverage of the repairs made, and do a visual inspection of the vehicle, if appropriate, to determine if the documented repairs were made. The Division must issue a waiver if it determines that the vehicle qualifies for a waiver. A person to whom a waiver is issued must present the waiver to the self-inspector or inspection station performing the inspection to obtain an electronic inspection authorization.

(c) Repairs. - The following repairs and their costs cannot be considered in determining whether the cost of repairs made to a vehicle equals or exceeds the waiver amount:

(1) Repairs covered by a warranty that applies to the vehicle.

(2) Repairs needed as a result of tampering with an emission control device of the vehicle.

(3) Repairs made by an individual who is not professionally engaged in the business of repairing vehicles.

(d) Electronic Inspection Authorization Expiration. - An electronic inspection authorization issued to a vehicle after the vehicle receives a waiver from the requirement of passing the safety inspection expires at the same time it would if the vehicle had passed the safety inspection. (2001-504, s. 9; 2007-503, ss. 8, 9.)