20-17.3. Revocation for underage purchasers of alcohol.

The Division shall revoke for one year the driver's license of any person who has been convicted of violating any of the following:

(1) G.S. 18B-302(c), (e), or (f).

(2) G.S. 18B-302(b), if the violation occurred while the person was purchasing or attempting to purchase an alcoholic beverage.

(3) G.S. 18B-302(a1).

If the person's license is currently suspended or revoked, then the revocation under this section shall begin at the termination of that revocation. A person whose license is revoked under this section for a violation of G.S. 18B-302(a1) or G.S. 18B-302(c) shall be eligible for a limited driving privilege under G.S. 20-179.3. (1983, c. 435, s. 36; 2007-537, s. 3.)