Article 5A.

Animal Shelter Support Fund.

19A-67. Animal Shelter Support Fund.

(a) Creation. - The Animal Shelter Support Fund is established as a special fund in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Fund consists of appropriations by the General Assembly or contributions and grants from public or private sources.

(b) Use. - The Fund shall be used by the Animal Welfare Section of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to reimburse local governments for expenses related to their operation of a registered animal shelter due to any of the following:

(1) The denial, suspension, or revocation of the shelter's registration.

(2) An unforeseen catastrophic disaster at an animal shelter.

(c) Rules. - The Board of Agriculture shall issue rules detailing eligible expenses and application guidelines that comply with the requirements of this Article.

(d) Reversion. - Any appropriated and unencumbered funds remaining at the end of each fiscal year in excess of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) shall revert to the General Fund. (2015-241, s. 13.7(b); 2016-113, s. 6(a).)