166A-63. Issuance of certification; reciprocity; renewal.

(a) The Emergency Management Training and Standards Advisory Board shall issue documentation of certification, in a form and manner prescribed by the Division, to each applicant within North Carolina demonstrating successful completion of the requirements for the level of certification sought by the applicant.

(b) The Board may issue documentation of certification to any person in another state or territory if the person's qualifications were, at the date of registration or certification, substantially equivalent to the requirements established pursuant to this Article.

(c) Every person certified pursuant to this Article who desires to maintain certification shall apply for renewal of certification within five years of the date of original certification or certification renewal.

(d) Renewal of Type I (advanced) certification is subject to completion of at least 24 hours of continuing education requirements as established by the Board.

(e) A certification that is not renewed in accordance with this section automatically expires. The Board may approve reinstatement of an expired certification upon good cause shown by the applicant.

(f) Certifications that have been expired for more than five years shall not be reinstated. (2009-192, s. 2.)