166A-51. Effective date.

(a) This Compact shall become operative immediately upon its enactment into law by any two states; thereafter, this Compact shall become effective as to any other state upon its enactment by the state.

(b) Any party state may withdraw from this Compact by enacting a statute repealing the same, but no withdrawal shall take effect until 30 days after the governor of the withdrawing state has given notice in writing of the withdrawal to the governors of all other party states. The action shall not relieve the withdrawing state from obligations assumed hereunder prior to the effective date of withdrawal.

(c) Duly authenticated copies of this Compact and of any supplementary agreements as may be entered into shall, at the time of their approval, be deposited with each of the party states and with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other appropriate agencies of the federal government. (1997-152, s. 1.)