166A-50. Evacuation.

Plans for the orderly evacuation and interstate reception of portions of the civilian population as the result of any emergency or disaster of sufficient proportions to so warrant shall be worked out and maintained between the party states and the emergency management or services directors of the various jurisdictions where any type of incident requiring evacuations might occur. Plans shall be put into effect by request of the state from which evacuees come and shall include the manner of transporting the evacuees, the number of evacuees to be received in different areas, the manner in which food, clothing, housing, and medical care will be provided, the registration of the evacuees, the providing of facilities for the notification of relatives or friends, and the forwarding of the evacuees to other areas or the bringing in of additional materials, supplies, and all other relevant factors. The plans shall provide that the party state receiving evacuees and the party state from which the evacuees come shall mutually agree as to reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred in receiving and caring for evacuees, for expenditures for transportation, food, clothing, medicines and medical care, and like items. The expenditures shall be reimbursed as agreed by the party state from which the evacuees come and that party state shall assume the responsibility for the ultimate support of repatriation of the evacuees. (1997-152, s. 1.)