166A-22. Hazardous materials emergency response program.

(a) The Secretary shall adopt rules establishing a regional response program for hazardous materials emergencies and terrorist incidents, to be administered by the Division of Emergency Management. To the extent possible, the regional response program shall be coordinated with other emergency planning activities of the State. The regional response program shall include at least seven hazmat teams located strategically across the State that are available to provide regional response to hazardous materials or terrorist incidents requiring technician-level entry capability and 24-hour dispatch and communications capability at the Division of Emergency Management Operations Center. The rules for the program shall include:

(1) Standards, including training, equipment, and personnel standards required to operate a regional response team with technician-level entry capability.

(2) Guidelines for the dispatch of a regional response team to a hazardous materials or terrorist incident.

(3) Guidelines for the on-site operations of a regional response team.

(4) Standards for administration of a regional response team, including procedures for reimbursement of response costs.

(5) Refresher and specialist training for members of regional response teams.

(6) Procedures for recovering the costs of a response to a hazardous materials or terrorist incident from persons determined to be responsible for the emergency.

(7) Procedures for bidding and contracting for the provision of a hazmat team for the regional response program.

(8) Criteria for evaluating bids for the provision of a hazmat team for regional response.

(9) Delineation of the roles of the regional response team, local fire department and local public safety personnel, the Division of Emergency Management's area coordinator, and other State agency personnel responding to the scene of a hazardous materials or terrorist incident.

(b) In developing the program and adopting rules, the Secretary shall consult with the Regional Response Team Advisory Committee established pursuant to G.S. 166A-24. (1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 769, s. 22.4(b); 2002-179, s. 21(c); 2014-100, s. 16B.3(d).)