164-9. Completion of General Statutes by Division of Legislative Drafting and Codification of Statutes.

The Division of Legislative Drafting and Codification of Statutes of the State Department of Justice, under the direction and supervision of the Attorney General, shall complete and perfect the General Statutes, as enacted by the General Assembly of 1943, by changing all references therein to the "Code," "North Carolina Code," "Code of 1943" or "North Carolina Code of 1943" to read "General Statutes," and by causing to be inserted therein all such general public statutes as may be enacted at the 1943 Session of the General Assembly and all amendments, in their proper places in sections under the appropriate chapter and subdivisions of chapters, and by deleting all sections or portions of sections found to be expressly repealed, or found to be repealed by virtue of the repeal of any cognate sections or parts of sections of the Consolidated Statutes or session laws, and by deleting repealed provisions and substituting in lieu thereof all proper amendments of the General Statutes or of cognate sections of the Consolidated Statutes or session laws; and the Division is hereby authorized to change the number of sections and chapters, transfer sections, chapters and subdivisions of chapters and make such other corrections which do not change the law, as may be found by the Division necessary in making an accurate, clear, and orderly statement of said laws. After the completion of such codification of the general and public laws of 1943, such laws, as they appear in the printed volumes of the General Statutes, shall be deemed an accurate codification of the statutes of 1943 contained therein. (1943, c. 15, s. 3.)