Article 16.

Election Officers.

Part 1. State Board Powers and Duties.

163A-740. Meetings of State Board; quorum; minutes.

(a) Place of Meeting. - Except as provided in subsection (b), below, the State Board shall meet in its offices in the City of Raleigh, or at another place in Raleigh to be designated by the chairman. However, subject to the limitation imposed by subsection (b), below, upon the prior written request of a majority of its members, the State Board shall meet at any other place in the State designated by a majority of its members.

(b) Meetings to Investigate Alleged Violations of This Chapter. - When called upon to investigate or hear sworn alleged violations of this Chapter, the State Board shall meet and hear the matter in the county in which the violations are alleged to have occurred.

(c) Minutes. - The State Board shall keep minutes recording all proceedings and findings at each of its meetings. The minutes shall be recorded in a book which shall be kept in the office of the State Board in Raleigh. (1901, c. 89, s. 7; Rev., ss. 2760, 4301, 4302; C.S., ss. 5922, 5923; 1933, c. 165, s. 1; 1945, c. 982; 1967, c. 775, s. 1; 1973, c. 793, s. 3; c. 1223, s. 1; 2016-125, 4th Ex. Sess., s. 5(b); 2017-6, ss. 2, 3, 7(b).)